Have a tasty breakfast at Bebek Restaurant


You can savor the delectable food while immersing yourself in an extensive mix of heritage and culture when you eat at a Turkish restaurant like Jumeirah. Your experience can be improved by being aware of Turkish dining etiquette. The customs and traditions you’ll experience while enjoying the delicacies of a Turkish restaurant in Jumeirah are revealed in here. Retro-futuristic furnishings and lighting will be added to this amazing location’s retro-futuristic design. To make the restaurant enjoyable day or night, our mirrored ceilings were installed. The entrance’s gothic arches and futuristic lighting will make visitors feel as though they’ve stepped into another world. Accent furniture in royal blue and velvet crimson will be used in the stylish shisha lounge to evoke the opulence of the Roaring Twenties. A warm atmosphere is created in our restaurant by the furnishings, music, and service, allowing patrons to savor traditional Turkish food and hospitality. Come and enjoy our English breakfast in Dubai.


Tea is a common and beloved beverage served in classy curved glasses as a sign of hospitality at any Turkish restaurant in Jumeirah. It is customary to avoid adding milk to tea. Instead, since the tea might still be steeping when it gets to your table, you can dilute it with water as you drink it. In Turkish culture, coffee has a special place as well. Turkish coffee is a custom recognized for its richness and potent flavor. Each cup of tea is expertly brewed, frequently with sugar already added. Milk usually is not added, and it is typically served black. In order to show your appreciation, always embrace the gift of tea or coffee.


To toast is a fundamental part of Turkish dining manners in the Turkish restaurant Jumeirah. You’ll toast if you find yourself the honored guest. Usually, it takes place just before everyone leaves after the host or the meal. In Turkey, toasting is a beloved tradition that represents cohesion and kindness among diners.


Turkish cuisine embraces a Western-style utensil culture. The tools you’ll use are forks, spoons, and knives, held in the left and right hands, respectively. As there is no hand-swapping during the meal, unlike in some cultures, follow this order the entire time you are eating.


Even during meals, smoking is a common practice in Turkey. It’s customary for guests at the Turkish restaurant Jumeirah to indulge in a puff in between courses, so don’t be surprised if you see other diners doing the same.

SEATING PROTOCOL: Turkish dining settings have a variety of seating arrangements. In a home, the honored guest is seated next to the host at the head of the table. Traditionally, the honored guest is seated on the side of the table that is furthest from the door. Important people typically sit in the middle, with their assistants sitting on either side of them in descending order of importance in business settings. Usually, the least important participants take the ends of the table, which are furthest from the center and near the door. In some homes, men and women may occasionally eat separately or at different times.

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